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Top Quality Food Processing Equipment Automatic Vienna Peelers, Smoking And Cooking Equipment, Smokehouse Ovens, Smoke Generators and Accessories, Salami  Smoking /Drying/Curing /Maturing Rooms, Sausage DE linker, Smoke Drenches, Cross Flow Smokehouse, Trolleys and Trays

Capital Maintenance and Repairs have supplied over four hundred various machines over the past seventeen years and are proud of their long line of satisfied customers, delivering quality products and services.
Capital Maintenance & Repairs is committed to excellence in its products and service to customers.
Dedicated highly trained and skilled technicians deliver quality installations and after sales service which includes a twenty-four-hour backup service.
Twenty-four-hour telephone and internet support are available at no charge.
Regular servicing of the units is also carried out.
In house technical expertise guarantees constant upgrading of software, supplied to customers at no charge, and on line monitoring of installations.
All IO cards and PC boards are manufactured in house guaranteeing availability of stock
The Turbo Smokers are equipped with flexible power consumption capabilities allowing for varying programable levels of power consumption depending on the type and quantity of product being treated.
Smoke generators are available in wood chip, friction or liquid smoke atomization.
The automatic self-cleaning system ensures cleanliness of the machines at all times.
Also manufactured is a filter which allows clean air to be taken in during the drying and smoking cycles.
The area under the unit is easily accessible for cleaning.
Capital Maintenance & Repairs are also manufacturers of: Vienna peelers including table models.
Cooking pots. “Z” shaped trolleys and smoke sticks.
Heavy duty trolleys and trays.
Floor and table model DE linkers.

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